Friday, January 11, 2013

Ninja Mulan and Super Splashes

Sometimes events occur in my home that leave me with a befuddled expression and quizzical glance.

For example, this:

During dinner I caught a glimpse of a pink dress hanging from the back sliding door.
I did a double take.

I must admit, I was completely unphased.
This is so normal.
I even found Belle smashed in mid-air between two up-standing books.
So, to find Mulan channeling Trinity from The Matrix:
no biggie.

I don't remember events like this before children - and I'm sure I'll miss them when all they want for Christmas are i-pods and surf boards.

Not that we live anywhere near a surf-able body of water.
But, you get the idea.

Then this happened:

He was a tad thirsty.

Ahhhh...The satisfied old man face.  :)
He is fearless in the water.
For real.
The boy was sloshing about, launching himself face first into the tub last night.
On one launch he sucked in half the tub water through both his mouth and nose.
Gagging, hacking and a bit of regurgitation occurred.
Nellianne freaked out.
After a brief 10 second dramatic overhaul, she quickly turned to:
"Momma.  My tummy hurts.  I think I have the yuckies too."

Not working.
Not.  Working.

I reminded her Ezra was not sick and she wasn't either.
Then Ezra sent a tidal tub wave into her face, leaving her gasping.  :)
I laughed.

Such a good Momma am I.


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