Monday, November 28, 2011

A Day in the Life...

So.  Happy Thanksgiving.  :)  

I was going to share a few photos from our Turkey Day.  The first two were test photos to prepare for a photo shoot.  Little Dude is only a week younger that the intended subject - which made him the perfect candidate for testing.  :)

Love that kid.  :)  He's a total charmer.  Soooo smiley.  Not that Sesame wasn't, he's just more so.  He's perfect the art of raspberry blowing.

"Riding the horse" aka Pawpaw's knee.

Story time with Pawpaw!  I LOVE JAN BRETT.  I'm sorry, did I yell that loud enough????  I LOVE JAN BRETT!!  Her stories are fantastic!  I'm on a Gingerbread Baby kick right now.  We just checked the Umbrella out of the library as well.

Story time with Nonnie and Pawpaw.  Nonnie is Sesame namesake.  She goes by Sesame too.  :)

The lovely table.

My little bro came out of his cave for lunch, ate, then retreated back to his cave.  He didn't even emerge for pie.  It was nice to see him for the meal though!

Mis padres in their element.  :)  They make some fantastic food in this kitchen.

Z's Thanksgiving meal.  He snacked on some mashed potatoes a bit later, but this was his main meal.

My Momma explaining Facebook to my grandparents.  I cannot even begin to describe this moment.  :)

Story time with Momma - we have a TON of story time these days.  I heart it.

Little Dude and his Momma.  He's wearing the baby doll cap from the basement.  :)

The next two photos are among my favorite of my children.  :)

She was reading to him again.  I love these two and their love for each other.  :)


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Becky said...

A couple of things.

Your mother is my freakin' hero. Those red walls, black and white toile shades, awesome granite countertops -- um, I want to go to there. I've only been around your momma a couple of times but I big puffy-heart her. THE COOLEST.

Lucy has the same paci that Ezra has in those last two shots. Seeing that paci makes me feel all gushy inside toward your kid. :)

Love you, Em.