Friday, July 22, 2011

So...It's Been Awhile.

Forgive me, but we've been adjusting around our home just a bit.  :)  Little Dude is rockin' sleep time.  He's fairly consistently sleeping 6 hours waking, eating, and sleeping for another 2 hours.  :)  Ahh...second babies.  :) Also, I love my job.  Just sayin'.  I think it's the only job that involves poop and crying I would willingly tackle.  It just so happens I some fabulous examples of why my job rocks.

Numero Uno:

The first baby smiles and coos.  Love.

Also - how much they love each other.  It's pretty great.


Sesame came into the living room and loudly stated, "I need lotion - for my belly." "Okay sweet heart, Mommy will be there in just a minute."  Five minutes pass.  No sound from Sesame.  A nervous "I'm going to have a ginormous mess to clean up" feeling birthed itself in my belly.  "Sesame?"  I called out.  No answer.  Where was she?  In my bathroom.  "Lotioning" herself.  With conditioner.  "Look Mommy - I'm a big girl - I did it by myself!"

Love it.

Can't blame her - except for the ruined rug - which I didn't like anyway.  :)


I'm pretty sure this one needs no caption...

...but I've been silent too long.  :)  I LOVE how these two already love each other.  Ezra smiles at the sound of Nellianne's voice.  He coos at her.  He turns his head.  I know being the big sister isn't always easy (nor the younger brother) but I am amazed at the bond they are already forming.  Maybe it's just Momma's wishful thinking - but I really think it's there.  Sesame and Squirt rock the house together.  I can't wait to see who they become!  :)


I'm hoping to not be so silent.  We have projects in the works and already a drove of stories to recount.  They had both pooped and were wailing the other day at the same time.  Good gravy.  What does a person do with twins!?  :)

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