Friday, April 1, 2011

A Week = 100 Years

Doesn't it drive you crazy when your favorite blogs don't update for like, a week!?  What is THAT about.  [note: sarcasm]  I have decided that a week = 100 years in blog time.  Hence, the title of this post.  :)

We had a busy week.  A mighty busy week.  I had the 3-hour glucose test. (Yes, I failed the first one. Silly chocolate chip cookies...) and Sesame's friend, Saffron visited all day.  SO FUN.  I mean, honestly, look how adorable  they are:

Yeah, how many 2 year olds do you know that will snuggle up on a couch like this.

Apparently, the bathroom is the cool place to hang out as well.  Or it might have been dubbed the "store" while they were playing.  :)

On Tuesday we trekked to the outlet mall with Yia Yia and Aunt Becky - who were greeted at our home with this smile:

We shopped for several  hours rendering Sesame unable to even complete her snack.  That cracker, on her seat belt, had a bite out of it.  I'm fairly positive she fell asleep mid-bite.  What a trooper.  :)

Then Wednesday I spent most of the day cleaning and in the kitchen - which I don't mind doing.  Kitchen = food.  Yum.  :)  The down side to this time in the kitchen is sometimes I become extremely focused.  Like in a zone - singing and dancing - not noticing that Sesame has been extremely Ninja-like for half an hour.  Extremely Ninja-like.  Which  might then sometimes result in photos like this being snapped:

Yeah...Crayon on the new windows.  Score: 1 for Sesame; 0 for Momma.  At least Crayola was kind enough to make all their crayons washable.  And at least Windex was kind enough to clean the crayon off quickly.  :) We'll try harder next week!  :)

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