Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Being 2 Is Awesome.

Yesterday and today have GORGEOUS outside here in the midwest.  The gray, rain clouds have departed to bring us a brief reminder of why we live here.  :)  Thus, the cleaning has been put on hold and the laundry is piled in the hall, because, let's face it, playing outside is waaaaaaaaaaay more important.  :)

Which brings me to the age of 2.  I heart this age so much.  I honestly can't recall a better verb or phrase to describe it.  Sesame is so capable and full of curiosities.  She LOVES to jump.  She LOVES to throw.  Throw anything.  Balls.  Rocks.  Homer's leash.  She loves to skip.  She loves EVERYTHING.  Which, is making me realize how awesome all these things really are.  :)

Example number one:

This lovely green ball cost a grand total of 2.00 at Wally World.  We purchased it about a year ago.  It lives on (miracle) and entertained Sesame for 30 minutes yesterday.  Did I mention all she did was throw it, run after it and throw it again.  I didn't even help.

Example #2:

She loooooooooves airplanes.  The kid can spot them with her ears alone.  She perks up, cocks her head sideways and loudly proclaims: "DADDY AIRPLANE!"  I'm looking.  I'm listening.  I don't sense a single sign of any flying object.  But, sure enough, a minute or so pases and there is the airplane.

Note: It's also cute that every plane is "Daddy's airplane."  Husband dearest is an aero engineer,which; in 2 year old land, means every airplane is Daddy's.  :)  Awesome.

Example Numero Tres:

This next series will give you a glimpse of the joy Sesame experiences when throwing a single rock.

Oh yeah.  Those faces are only a 10th of the expression she exudes on a daily basis.  We have no problem with animation in this household.

I love this kid.  I love this age.  I am so blessed to stay home and experience every moment of it.  :)


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Kendall said...

Re: airplanes, my sister and I used to do the same thing about my dad, except with helicopters, because my dad would try tell us which had Allison engines in them.

Re: hearing, Harrison does the same thing with trains. He will hear them before we even notice them and he'll point at the window and go "tooo tooooo". Heart it. ;)