Thursday, March 10, 2011


1.  Dear Kohl's - I think I might have to leave you a neatly folded note that says, "I am breaking up with you."  What is with all the girl toddler clothes!?  I have been a faithful infant clearance rack shopper since January 2009.  You have never disappointed, what with your cute jumping bean play clothes and Polo dresses for a mere 2.00.  When the time came to graduate to the next section I wept.  Why?  Because every piece of clothing - clearance and not - seems to have giant photos of Disney princesses or Dora the Explorer brandished across the front.  Now, I recognize there will be a time when my daughter falls madly and deeply in love with princesses.  But on all her clothes?  I think not.  Please, bring back the cute, colorful, fun, comfy clothes.  I miss them.

2.  Dear Target - You are my new retail love.  You have replaced Kohl's.  My daughter is, at this moment, wearing navy and off-white polka dot leggings (gathered at the ankle), an empire waist Peter Pan collar knit navy coat, with a sweet off-white, ruffle-necked T underneath.  How much did this entire, adorable outfit cost??  $7 dollars.  Oh Yeah.  I can't find an outfit this cute, at this price, used at Once Upon a Child!  Thank you for being reasonable and having simple, cute items for my 2 year old.  You rock.

3.  Why do I have 13 sewing projects cut and half sewn??  I mean, really, why!?  Does anyone else do this?  Am I alone?!

4.  I have now entered the beached whale phase of Squirt's pregnancy.

5.  I love being a beached whale.

6.  This:

Made me laugh.  Very hard.  And for a long time.  I'm not ashamed.

7.  I am also not ashamed that my husband and I played Paper, Rock, Scissors to see who would change Sesame's dirty diapers as a little tyke.  Nor am I ashamed that as she grew, she would walk up to us and try to play when she had a dirty diaper.  :)

8.  I leave you with some Sesame-isms:

Conrad: "Sesame, are you sleepy?"
Sesame: "No." pause "I'm just restin' in my car seat."

Conrad: "Sesame, Num-Num time is over.  Give it to Daddy please"
Sesame: "Okay." walks away dejectedly. "That's a big bummer."

Me: "Sesame, would you like to have blueberries or apples?"
Sesame: "I would like ice cream"  pause "Chocolate." pause "with a spoon."

Me: "Sesame, what should we call baby Squirt when he/she comes out of Momma's tummy?"
Sesame: "Ummm....Jesus."



Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Um yes, KOHLS? Losing my love. That paper rock scissors sign? Yes please :) HILARIOUS!

Allie said...

Oh how I miss Kohls and Target!

So, I just gave you an award on my blog. If you want to participate, check it out. Hope you guys are doing great!