Monday, December 27, 2010

What You've Missed...

1.  The Infamous CVS Mooning of 2010.  That's right.  My mother and I were mooned last week whilst waiting in line at the CVS Pharmacy.  It was completely unintentional, but; we were still mooned.  Fully.  There we sat, stowed away in the heated confines of Max (Momma's car), waiting for Sesame's Amoxicyllin to be filled, when we spotted two large human beings climbing a giant snow pile in the parking lot.  "Is that a guy?" Momma said.  "I thought it was a girl," I replied.  "I just don't know, Emily.  (she squints a little) It's hard to tell." "I know, maybe it's a guy with a pink Colts hat."  Then, it happened.  Large, androgynous human being number one, leapt atop the pile, promptly bent in half in an effort to not fall down, which lead to the "Infamous Mooning of 2010."  I'm not just talking a peeping crack here people, we're talking the whole Grand Canyon.  This, of course, sent my mother and I into fits of laughter (because what else can you do?!), which is the exact moment the Pharmacist chose to open the tiny glass doors and deliver our medication.  I'm fairly certain that she thought we were insane.  As we began to drive by my Momma whispers to me, "See if you can tell if they're guys or girls!" "Okay" I whispered back.  To this day I do not know why, A) We were both whispering or B) the gender of our mooners.  There are something in life you are just not meant to know.

2.  An exhausted, almost 2-year-old

That's right, opening presents, singing and eating has drained her so much, she has been falling asleep with books open right on her lap, in prime reading position.  Love this kid.

3.  A rendition of Frosty the Snowman by Sesame at least four times a day.  Her sassy version includes lyrics such as, but not limited to: "jolly soups" "pipe nose" and "down dare hat."  While I can justify the first two phrases, I have no idea where "down dare hat" came from in the real lyrics.

4.  Crazy Haired Husband dancing with Sesame.  This both warms my heart tremendously and scares me at the same time.  You see, when they play and dance around all crazy both of their hairs seem to grow at a rate that Chia pets would envy.  Seriously.  I feel as though at any point, their hair might outgrow the living room, sprout legs, and run around yapping like an overgrown Shitzu or Gremlin. Eek.  But, on the flip side, they love each other tremendously and are hopelessly adorable when they play together.


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syeds said...

Baby pic is so sweet. i like your article too.