Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two. Almost. : )

It's hard to believe my Sesame will be two in one month.  My goodness how time flies.  : )  She's becoming more and more a real person these days.  She's so patient with me.  It's not often that one can describe a toddler as patient either!  : )  See the view from my computer chair (where I've resided quite a bit as of late) looks like this:

I have a little sidekick in the photo business.  : )  She generally just walks around talking to her dolls, playing with Homer and entertaining herself.  But then there are moments when she crawls under my chair and proclaims "Mommy, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre ooooooooooooooo???"  (translation: Mommy, where are you?)  Giggles promptly explode after that and I am pleased as can be to take a break from the computer screen.  : )  My girl is great.  : )


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