Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

It's that time of year again. The time when snow is falling and Christmas trees are begging to be felled. Today was our family's 2nd annual Christmas tree hunt! :) Soooooooo fun! Sesame was old enough to play in the snow...and we ACTUALLY had snow this year! YAY!

Chillin' in the garage, pre-tree trip.

My co-hort in crime, Heidi. Note how awesomely cheese-tastic her smile is - as she casually holds a saw to her side. I heart her. : ) We've gone with their family for two years now and this is definitely a tradition we plan on sticking to! : )

Daddy and Sesame. She missed him. Can you tell??? : ) He spent a week in Italy for work and we are sooooooooooooo glad he's back!

Why are photographs of my child walking away from me so incredibly cute!?

Heidi's kiddos just ran by Sesame in this photo. She was ecstatic to be romping in the snow with other kids - even if they're 8 & 9. Kids are kids to her. : )

Lovingly titled: "DAD! There's snow in my boot. It's cold. Make it STOP!"
Dad's response: "Suck it up!"

My kind of parenting. : )

How gorgeous is this girl!?

I will title this: Man inspects tree.

Man cuts down tree. Wife holds tree. Tree falls.

She was trying to look up into the snow. Upon a brief eyeball snow dusting she, squinted and squealed "Soooo c-oh-duh!"
So much delight from snow in the eyes.
Ah to be a toddler.

Oh, wait. Here's where the "Tree falls." title goes.

Here's da Momma!
And Squirt.
: )

That's right.
Number two will soon be here to wreak havoc with number one.
Baby Squirt's ETA is June 16, 2011.

And we couldn't be happier! : )


Guest comment from Husband:

In advocacy of real Christmas Trees:
1) Yes, it's a Christmas Tree, not a Holiday Tree, even though we swiped it from some pagan religion. It's ours now.
2) "It's so messy and it gets needles everywhere" is a totally weak-sauce excuse to get an artificial tree.
3) Nothing replaces the awesomeness of tromping through the snow to pick out your own tree.
4) Real Christmas Trees are served up by Americans who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, who love hot chocolate, and who can tolerate a bit of chilly weather. Artificial trees are yet another way of bowing to the Man.
5) Your house will smell pine-fresh for a month!
6) Fakery is for fakers.
7) Pre-lit artificial trees rob you of those memorable family moments when someone falls off a ladder or electrocutes themselves. (And yes, I'm serious. Those are memories that last a lifetime.)

I recognize that there are many who may choose to disagree with me on the above items. For those of you who are severely handicapped, over 70, or live some place where real trees are not available, I give you a pass, and say, "Merry Christmas."

For the rest of you, I highly encourage you to embrace a sap-covered, freshly-cut-but-dying tree and put it in the middle of your house. You'll be happy you did.

Kind regards,

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The Plaid Cow said...

I go hunting for a Christmas tree every year. Usually in the basement. Usually if goes up without a fight.