Friday, August 6, 2010


This was our house when we moved in:

It needed a bit of of love to say the least.  We had grand dreams as newlyweds moving in.  The dining room would be filled with fabulous new dining sets.  Sigh.  How I love dark wood.  It just makes me smile. While we had our hopes set high on un-mauve counter-tops, new sinks and brilliant paint colors, the re-modeling has slowed   stopped  halted  never really started.  We made it as far as repainting the master from this:

(Yes, your eyes are working correctly.  That's mauve, navy and pink sponge paint you see.  All made complete with a resplendent hunter green, navy and mauve column border.  Oh baby, oh baby.)

to this:

Which, I must say, is a vast improvement.  I suppose grand-master-painter-David did change the outside from this:

to this:

Which makes me happy every time I drive into my driveway!  : )  If I were a realtor (which I never could be..they sell things...which is not a skill of mine!) I would say "Now, this house has great curb appeal!"

Did that read as awkward as it typed?  Just curious.

Moving on.

Recently I have been inspired.  I have seriously been feeling convicted about A) the amount of "stuff" we have and B) the way our house doesn't even remotely reflect our taste/us as a family.  Aside from the talking toys.  Those definitely reflect Sesame.

So I have been psycho-purging lady lately.  Our closet has been cleaned out 3 times, I've started getting rid of, wait for it, books, and; there are currently paint samples painted on walls in three areas of our house. 

It's time people.  It's time for the dreams to become a reality.  : )  I can't wait!  :  )  While I may not have new counter tops or toilets by the end of this, there will be new curtains.  Yay.


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