Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Okay, We've Made Up.

It's true.  Now that I've played with this beta version of blogger I'm a fan now.  It's safe to say that our love will continue to grow and bloom like the dandelions in my yard.  :)  My swift recovery from hatred might have something to do with the option to use helvetica as the standard font.  maybe.  :)  Moving on...

Life has been C-R-AZY here at the homestead.  VBS is this week at church and husband and I are half of the Emcee team.  The other half is comprised an awesome couple we do the MIddle School Youth Group with.  I'm fairly certain the wife (who has a talent and knack for photos as well!) wouldn't mind her name floating about blogland.  However, I think her husband might assume that a name mentioned in the blogosphere, means crazies will find her and take her.  And, quite frankly, I like them and I want to keep them around.  So no names.

Jesopete, I"m a rambler today.

So we went to the local Freedom Festival this past Saturday (hence previous joy. photo).  I thought I might share with you all the rest of the photos...well most of them...I still have more to sort through.

Daddy and his girl waiting for the parade to reach us! 

Have I mentioned I adore these two!?  I mean, really, they're my favorites.  And Sesame's facial expression in this photo is actually a smile.  She's a looker.  :)

So when I look at this photo I might start to tear up a little bit, because I might start thinking about how my Daddy used to carry me on his shoulders, and, I might also start thinking about how Sesame is big enough to hang out up there and not fall off, and I might then start thinking about how she'll be too old for parades one day and sulk on the sidelines wishing she had cool parents who let her have a cell phone so she could just stay home and text people, and I might I then think how she'll finally have a cell phone when she leaves for college, and then MAYBE, JUST MAYBE I might start sobbing hysterically shed a tear at the thought of her taking her kids to the parade and watching them ride on her husband's shoulders.

I mean, hypothetically of course.
I would NEVER actually think all this.
Or cry.

Homer dog came too!  (Random side note: Sesame says Homer all the time.  It's actually quite cute - it just sounds like "Homo."  We need to work on our "R's")

Yay for Daddy's shoulders!

I lovingly title this photo: Steve Urkel meets My Scrunchie-Nosed Midget.

Yay Parade!

A genetics lesson for you:
Daddy loves sweets.
Momma loves sweets.
Therefore, baby will also love sweets

"Hey Mister!  You dropped this!"

I think she was wondering where their pom-poms were.

Another Daddy-Daughter Moment that might have made me cry.

My daughter is both diva AND and adventuresome boys scout!

Fireworks!  :)  

Nothing better than a fun-filled day of local activities!  Not gonna lie, I think I might have to frame some new Daddy-Sesame photos for the house!  :)

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suzy rowland said...

great pics as usual! we are having a little withdrawal from you guys after last non-stop evenings of fun last week!!! :)