Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Neighbor Kids...

WARNING: Long rambly post filled with too many photos which are not edited. The end.

So yesterday was a FABULOUS 60 something here in the good ole Midwest. Our day started like this:

Bath Time. What can I say, she was stinky! :) In an adorable, cute way of course. :)

Then we went for a walk. When we got back I heard this little voice yell "Hey!" It was the neighbor girl. Samantha. She walked over and informed me that she had a wagon too (which I could see because she was pulling it) and that hers was green not red (again...in plain sight) and that hers had a door and she liked ours and she wanted to play. But not if the big, mean, scary dog was in the yard. (She was referring to Homer. Who is not scary. Or mean. Big, yes. Mean, no.)

First she tickled Nells with her "tickle stick."

Then we went for a ride in the "cool wagon" as Sam claimed.

Then Nellie watched in slight fear as Sam parked her wagon atop the large snow pile outside our house. She might have been thinking "Dear Mom, please don't let that girl take me up there."

Um, hello cute midget with the slightly red, slightly blonde curly Einstein hair. Would you wear these adorable red sunglasses? Only Nells could pull off the red polka-dot glasses with a jail striped onesie.

Sam then proclaimed it was time for a concert. She was really emotive. I think she played Schubert on only 5 keys. Five keys that mooed, tweeted, barked, meowed and quacked. Now THAT is skill.

Nellianne watched from afar. It was her only chance to try and hide the ball from the big kid. Run away Sesame - RUN AWAY!

Drat. She didn't make it. The music just drew her in.

How can I NOT post this one?!

This is neighbor boy Max. He seemed excited to play - and then he saw two girls playing a confused zoo keyboard outside and ran. I don't blame him. Especially since one of those girls went inside, promptly removed her pants and danced about the house like a ballerina.

I'm not saying which one though. You'll have to guess. :)


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