Thursday, January 14, 2010

When It Rains...It Gets Wet...

So husband leaves to travel for work and this happens:

1. The back door stops working. How does this happen by the way?! It just doesn't turn anymore...actually it turns, the little latch thingy just doesn't respond?! I mean, honestly!!

2. Sesame falls. Twice.

She has a goose-egg on her left eyebrow and a knot on the back of her head. She also fed the dog tin foil. Yes, I let her play with the tin foil. No we do not condone feeding Homer tin foil. Yes, I have now relocated the tin foil.

3. Sesame has taken a lesson or two from Destructo-Boy.

She isn't quite in his league yet, but she can now remove the cap of the dry erase markers. Perhaps I should lock the Sharpies away and learn from Vintage Dutch Girl's experiences.

4. The toilet won't flush. That's right. Will. Not. Flush. It's just hanging out down there in all it's 1/2 bath glory. Ew. (Note: I did rectify this situation. Thank you Internet Overlords for inventing Youtube - it saved my patootie.)

5. The garage door opened halfway today. And stopped. And the closed when I pushed the button. And then raised halfway. And stopped. This went on for about 10 minutes. What's the definition of insanity again??? Repeating the same action and expecting different results?? Hmm... perhaps I should buy a ticket on the crazy train. (Note: situation also rectified...after another 10 minutes of pushing the button. Sometimes it pays to wear crazy pants.)

Needless to day...we're ready for Daddy to come home!!!

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Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Oh no! There's a Sharpie epidemic! I FEEL your pain. Hide the sharpies. Hide them up HIGH. While you're at it take away the glue sticks too. I found a foam truck glued to my wall today. Yeesh.

Hang in there!