Saturday, January 30, 2010

Post Brewing...

When the dust settles after next week, you will have four posts waiting to tantalize your irises.

A day in the life. I photographed a couple days in our daily life. I thought it would be fun. :) P to the S - What does it say about me that I included a pieces of this AWESOME chocolate cake to represent that post????

Aunt Becky Bows.
Also -
When did she figure out how to properly play with toys and not just throw them at Homer?
She's killin' me!

Attack of the Post-Its.
Need I say more.

The Aunties. Auntie Jenn, Auntie Krista and Auntie Marianne. (sigh) I love you girls.

an unphotographed post regarding
the morning when the garage door repairman came 45 minutes early (8:15 am)
the dog was sick (read: vomit + runny bottom = gagging Momma)
all over the living room the night before
and baby took a spill
shortly after receiving a spanking.
And she threw her first all out
mad as a hen

BUT the day was still good...

...more to come...


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