Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night around 9:00:

From upstairs: "Bahl!" silence "BAHL!"

I looked at husband...he muted the tv...he looked at me.

Me: "Did she just say ball???

Husband: "That's what it sounded like."

Me: "When did she wake up??"

Husband: "I think she's talking in her sleep!"

Last night around 3:00 am over the monitor:



I'm fairly certain Sesame is so obsessed with balls these days - she's dreaming about them! :)

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Becky said...

Hi Em,
Just wanted to say thank-you for checking in on me (on my blog). I am not doing well. I've honestly never been this ill; we go back to the doctor on Monday and I pray, pray, pray we can come up with a different solution. Meanwhile, I've had a bad time with my work. My boss is not being exactly helpful and I've had to contact HR about it. Nasty situation, but it looks like HR has my back. Just have to keep going until August when Babe #2 is born and I can quit for good.
I hope everything is well with you and we appreciate any prayers you are saying on our behalf!
Love and hugs!