Monday, December 28, 2009


Seriously. I'm in overload. I haven't blogged because:

A) World-traveler husband is home for an almost two-week stint! YAY!!! I heart companies that shut done between Christmas and New Year's. Every company should. Except Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks. They should always remain open.

B) Our house has been overtaken by Toys R Us. I can't step anywhere for fear of puncturing my foot with a loud, noise-making, beeping, blinking baby brain developing toy. Once I clear out the wrapping paper, maybe I can get to the laundry and then finally find the toys to put them away. They're like little land mines waiting to be unearthed so they can explode with a resounding "The light is On" or "The Lion goes ROOOOOOOOOAR." (Which, by the way, makes Nells crack up hysterically. All we have to do to get a giggle around here is roar like a lion or woof like a dog. She's thrown into fits of laughter - which are accompanied by a scowl - don't ask, we don't know.)

C) Husband has said so many memorable lines and had so many memorable "Daddy moments" that if I tried to catalog them all, I would never leave the computer. Oh, how I love husband.

D) We've been at Mom and Dad's or Great-grandparents or with friends or at Dunkin' Donuts so we've not been near la computadora much at all. It's true. I went three entire days without looking at my mommy blogs. I almost went into withdrawal.

Anyway, I"m back. :) I know you all missed me. More to come today!!!


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