Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Dress.

Okay. I promised and here it is. That adorable, crazy corduroy dress you see. I made it. :) It's true, I did. AND I didn't have a pattern. AND because it was a jumper I didn't sew the arm holes shut. AND I fixed my two mistakes rather well...at least I think. I EVEN lined it. :)

Mistakes of note in dress: The pretty little flower/white button -- is totally covering up a debauchle of magnanimous proportions. The gathering went a little haywire there. I just learned how to do it and I think I got a wee bit excited. :) Oh well...

The shoulder straps. I didn't cut them long enough. Enter cute ribbon extensions with lining fabric over end. I think it worked out rather well. :)

All said and done I used remnant fabric, spent 4 hours (on a project that could have taken MUCH less), learned how to ruffle/gather. It all cost $1.20. Happiness. :) Okay I'm done now.

OH and the personalized step stool ROCKS (Thank you Miss. Carole) and came from a FABULOUS online store withe ADORABLE items. Nells LOVES her stool :)


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George said...

Hi Conrad,

It's great to see that you are using "The Force" to guide your fatherhood! I don't know if I ever analyzed it quite like that, but I do know that I always tried to drive in such a way that my family felt lulled by the way I turned, sped up and slowed down. You are a very good father and husband. There is very few complements I can give you higher than that!
Love, Dad