Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last night as we sat down for dinner I stepped on something under the table. 'Stupid dog toys' I thought to myself. Imagine my shock and dismay when I picked up a styrofoam plate with three bite shaped chunks missing. "Conrad," I inquired, "Do these look like dog bites or people bites?" We looked at Homer and then to the midget in the high chair.

She promptly scrunched her nose and bared her half grown-in 6 teeth, screeching "Gia!" and raising her hands in victory.

It appears she won and eluded our my notice all afternoon with her styrofoam crunching. I think the three missing pieces to the plate might have something to do with her lack of appetite yesterday. She refused food - but man did she suck down those bottles! :)

Pack away your plates when we come visiting people -- and poison control be ready -- I have a sneaky feeling your number will be embedded in our memories and on your caller ID!



Randall said...

Especially with styrofoam: Poop Floats.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Ah yes, kids eat EVERYTHING. Last week Lil chick sucked down a bunch of body lotion. At least she smelled good...cherry almond to be exact :)