Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I Need to Be Doing...

Because I am a lame-o and can't seem, for the LIFE of me, to figure out how to simply upload photos from picasa to blogger OR how to put them in order in an already written post-happily inserted in the spots left for them, this entire post is discombobulated. If you would like to read it in it's intended format/order, scroll down to the happy little lines of stars, start below them and them scroll back up to the happy little percent signs and read below them. :) Sorry but nap time is over and it's the best I could do. :) P.S. The title of the post is actually the first line! :)


Also, more photos of that little girl that:
crawls around our house terrorizing our black lab
eats lint that no one can see
calls everyone on the phone "dada,"
bounces so much in her exersaucer that she rips the seam
can now reach the third shelf where her toys are -- rather where Daddy's video games are theoretically out of reach (Sorry about Viva Pinata sweethear)
rides her toy car upstairs - it takes her an hour to move a foot, but she does it by golly
is learning "two fingers" so we can move out of the "one finger" stage.

Okay, enough chatter. Here she is. :)


...Is so NOT what I AM doing! :) Nells is slumbering which means I have 7 minutes of nap time to put the finishing touches on my print preview for this afternoon...and I'm posting. This points, yet again, to my procrastination problem - which I could write and ENTIRE post one. But I won't I'll spare you all. :)

Speaking of my print preview here are a few gems from the shoot:


Post to Come:

Recovering my dining room chairs
The unworking outlet in our floor
Fall Setting In
And another poop story for you all...because, let's face it, we have a baby in the house.

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