Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Italy Happens

Okay, now that he's returned I can proclaim it on the interwebs: HUSBAND WENT TO ITALY FOR WORK LAST WEEK! :) How cool is that...cool but sad for us here at home. We missed husband/Daddy TERRIBLY! Of course there were some firsts whilst he was away:

1) The standing occurred. This would all be good and well (it IS) but we couldn't call him and tell him. He doesn't have international calling and it was just crazy. So we stood, we cried, we clapped when it happened.

2) Sesame was disciplined for the first time. We spilled coffee on the floor. Ick. So the two of us ran downstairs to snatch carpet cleaner. In my haste I didn't think to put Nells in the crib, I just plopped her on the floor next to me. She, being 8 months old, reached out for the cleaner. I said "No!" and she obliged-stopping. The second time she reached for the bottle, I smacked her hand. She was stunned. Then sobbed. Then I picked her up and explained why Mommy smacked her hand. Then I sobbed too. And called my mom. Momma's are good to call when husband's are in Italy. I think the conversation when something like this: "This is [heavy gasp] going to be [sob] so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard." Yeah....gotta love the Momma! :)

3) Husband brought me shoes. From Italy. I have Italian shoes! :) YAY!

4) Husband brought this AWESOME book for Sesame - It's an Italian alphabet book with writing practice in the back! I LOVE IT! :) She does too - She drools over it and tries to eat it. In Sesame language = love.

5) Homer missed Daddy like no tomorrow. He didn't even really eat while he was gone! Poor guy.


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