Sunday, July 19, 2009

"This is a ruler..."

Blog post ideas that have popped into my head since last posting:

1. A "Dear Bad Drivers" letter. I determined that this post would also include a section dedicated solely to people who believe it's safe to leave their car running while pumping gas,smoking and - wait for it - PLAY WITH THEIR LIGHTER. Also included in this post, a section on why I will NEVER follow behind a mini-van.

2. A super, sappy post in which you can almost feel my tears soaking through the screen. Topic: Sesame's 6 month "birthday."

3. A lengthy post entitled "The Mountain Range of Laundralia" in which I detail the extent to which I allowed our laundry to spiral out of control. Homer tripped and crashed leaped like a sly minx through our main floor ALL WEEK. Visuals included.

4. Why I shouldn't have cell phone. (P.S. For some reason my cell phone survived it's baptismal in the kitchen sink. Phone of steel I tell you.)

5. A post about husband's addiction: Viva Pinata. That's right. He plays a child's video game every night before bed. No, really. You create your own garden and tempt tiny, little, animal-like pinatas to come live in your garden, so you can breed them, and sell them, and get chocolate coins to buy more pinata to breed, and sell, and create your little, large candy-eating, gem-mining, pinata family. See what I mean. A-DDICT-ING.

6. A post about how I fall asleep on the couch watch my husband play every evening.

7. A post with words entirely in strikeout. Because I just learned how to do it. :)

8. A post about our weed garden. Honestly. We have weeds taller than trees. Even when we were trying to care for our hedges and shrubbery, it looked like the invasion of dandelion monsters after a week. Why is it that our weeds grow at an alarming, in human rate?!

9. An homage to photoshop. Yes, I finally downloaded a trial version and yes, I'm in love.

10. Last, but not least, a post which I fear I will have to write. A post that ties to the title. The story of the tote bag. :) But that, my friends, will have to wait because it is currently 10:19 pm which is, give or take, 19 minutes after my bed time. :)

Guess who discovered her tongue Saturday?!?

Blanket Baby.

Tiny Toes.

Hand. Yum.

Laundry Lady.

Somber Snuggler.

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