Friday, July 24, 2009

July 22, 2009

July twenty second
two thousand and nine
Momma and Nellie
were feelin' so fine

Nellie played with her toys
and rode in the swing
The rolled on the floor
a bell she did ring.

What's this that did happen
on such a fine day?
Did little Nellianne
run out of things to play?

She lifted her bottom
and tried to push forward
But it was no use
she was just still ignored

Perhaps some tissue paper
will provide her fun
as it crinkles and crunches
under her thumbs

Or maybe the paper
is more of a blast
when it's spread open wide
and in your face is smashed

Or perhaps a small piece
torn and placed 'tween the lips
will recall hints of carrots
or sweet potato dip

Then there's the moment
when one does get caught
and surrenders the paper
to be lost and forgot

But no fear little Nellie
there's plenty to do
Momma has toys
like a lamb and a shoe

Then again you could always
roll around on the ground
pick up a book
and in a blanket be bound

Now it is time
for Sesame to sleep
to drift and dream
far off in the deep

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