Sunday, June 28, 2009


As I flipped through some photos from an impromptu photo shoot, I happened across some pictures I took on our Michigan excursion of Little Miss. It was her first "beach trip." I use quotes because, well, Sesame spent her time at the beach like this:

aka a little Mexican burrito. (Yes she really is in there and No she did not suffocate!) Nice. :) My tightly wrapped girl gave into the brisk beach air and promptly fell asleep after arrival. She's so cooperative! :)

Father's Day was also a big day. :) Sesame was dedicated!! :) She looked FABULOUS in her
Aunt Becky dress - pale yellow with smocking around the tail and collar. SO glad we had a girl first! :)

Also, we made a purchase for daughter dearest:

That's right, a super-coop. Complete with rolling wheels, cool keyboard attachment and comfy seat. I thought about getting one for myself, but Husband recommended leaving it to Sesame. Guess I'll just have to put it on my Christmas List.

Also a couple photos from the impromptu photo shoot I've been editing! Too cute! :) Perhaps Ya'll will get a guest post from Little Miss. soon! ;)

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Kate said...

Hey C-rad, Emmy and Nelli how are you guys doing? Haven't talked to you guys in awhile so I thought I would drop a line and see what was new. I see we are now into the food stage. And it also looks like we are rolling and getting ready to crawl? Lily is getting very close to walking completely on her own and is now starting to say quite a few words which is not surprising considering how much her Mommy talks. :) Anyway... take a look at the blog when you get a chance and give a shout when you find some time. :)