Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend Photos Round One...

A new game - Daddy turns her into an airplane and she, in turn, opens her mouth.  This resulted in a spewing plane ride all over mommy on one of the flights.  Ew.  Gross.

We now actually LIKE tummy time!  Who knew!?

Yes, she really IS asleep with her eyes open and her finger in her mouth.  Once they find their hands it's all over!
Naked in a blanket before bath time!
I feel as though she's saying "YESSSSS Daddy just put a clean diaper on for me to mess up!!!"

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Kate said...

Haha it never fails! Daddies get them all spun up and Mommies get the after effects. :) Haha! When Lily was sick two weeks ago and David was out of town I got thrown up on 8 times. I mean you think I would have learned that holding her when she just ate and is throwing everything up is maybe not the best idea unless a towel is in close proximity. Oh well I did alot of laundry that weekend. :)

Kate said...

Alright one other comment. I looked at the updated Eye Photography website and Julie's dress was gorgeous and I love the pictures you took with the rings on the flowers. That was a really great idea Emily and it turned out really beautiful. You should enter those photos into a competition or something! :)