Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here We Go A-Rhumba-ing...

Several firsts this week. I can't believe it's already Thursday! Anyway, Tuesday night husband and I left Nellianne with her Yia Yia & Granpappy to steal away a few precious hours as a couple. I'd already forgotten how much fun just the two of us have together. We hopped over to a FABULOUS brewhouse on the southside - Fireside Grill and then husband surprised me with an introductory dance lesson!!! :) That's right Conrad and I learned the basic steps to the Rhumba, Foxtrot and Waltz. Now, you simply must understand a few things that make this event all the more entertaining.

One: We have never had any dance lessons. Ever. And it shows.
Two: We kept laughing. You know, the kind of school girl giggle laughter that spreads and then no one can remember why you started laughing in the first place. I think it had something to do with the fact that we were waltzing to the The Eagles song "Take It to the Limit." See. I just laughed. Right then.
Three: Conrad couldn't stop saying the instructions out loud while we were dancing. For example: The instructions for Rhumba were "quick quick slow; quick quick slow." So the ENTIRE TIME Conrad was saying, in a rather unique british-esque accent, "quick, quick, slow." This would have been all well and good --- had it been in time with the music. :) Pretty bad when your dance instructor, EJ (whom I might have called Egypt), has to stop your dancing to tell you to listen to the music.
Four: I like to be the man. It is true. I owe husband dearest an apology - I kept trying to lead while we danced. I just couldn't help it!!! :)

All in all we had a WONDERFUL time. We missed Nellianne, but enjoyed each other. I feel so blessed to have shared some quality time with Conrad - amazing how 3 hours can renew you for another week. :)

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Kate said...

Very cute you guys! :) Haha they are so sweet when they are little like this! :) I know how you feel about having to hold her all day because she won't sleep anywhere else. Luckily they grow out of it and then you get to sleep again and do stuff while they nap like I am right now. :) haha! We need to coordinate to do a webcam chat. Are you guys around this weekend?