Friday, December 19, 2008

On the Parenting To Do List:

1.  I'm so stealing the "Comfort Closet" from Pearls and Grace!  What a wonderful idea and way to share the personality traits of our Lord and Savior with young children.  I can't wait.  :)

2.  Recite or read scripture to Baby Sesame when Sesame is upset or crying.  Bathing children in scripture form teh get go can't hurt one bit.  Maybe some of the Psalms we read out loud during pregnancy will sound familiar!  Who knows!  :)

3.  I would LOVE to do a Jesse Tree at Christmas time once Sesame is old enough!  They sound like so much fun!  :)

4.  The closet in the nursery has two large double doors (duh...of course there are two if they are double...).  My husband's family lives far away - mostly on the West Coast - as well as some of my family members being spread far and wide.  My Aunt Becky (the artist behind the Dr. Seuss nursery!) suggested putting up a map with photos of family members.  I think the map will have to wait until Sesame is old enough, but we'll start with family photos earlier on.  I'm envisioning an art piece entitled "Door Collage."  :)  I think establishing a long distance relationship with grandparents will be challenging, but worth the extra effort and time.  :)

5.  I WILL NOT always carry Sesame around in a baby carrier-car seat-thing.  I was ADAMENT about not even BUYING one, but caved in once presented with several good reasons.  HOWEVER, I will be a baby wearer before I cart Sesame around everywhere in a plastic seat.  That's right.  BABY WEARER.


On a sidenote, husband and I started packing for the hospital last night.  Hilarious.  Husband is an eagle scout and will follow the "always be prepared" motto to the death.  Eagle Scout husband printed off FOUR, count them FOUR, packing for the hospital lists off the internet and brought them home.  We also had one from our labor and delivery class.  Yes, that's right, if you're counting that makes FIVE lists.  So, husband dearest sat down to compile the list last night organizing them into four different bags: labor, postpartum, baby and daddy bag.  It's a good thing I was there to remind him we needed a bag to take the bags in.  Oh and a bag for the dog.  And if we had room a bag for the other mothers who were in labor.  :)  Seriously his intentions were wonderful!  :)  While he was sorting and making his lists I just started packing.  We have the whole opposites attract thing down.  :)  I laughed today while retelling the story to my Momma.  I love so much that husband is always prepared (even when he is slightly overboard) and I can't WAIT to tell the packing story to Sesame.  :)


Homer has been exploring the nursery lately.  Seems he's taken an interest in stuffed animals that do not belong to him.  :)  Everytime I hear his clinking collar I'm afraid I'll turn the corner and find a beheaded Fox in Sox.  



Dawn said...

Happy Friday Emily!

I couldn't help but get quite the kick out of post :) I can't wait for Sesame to get here and to get to watch them grow up. He/She is bound to have a great sense of humor. Not that I have any "real" parenting experience but when Kaeli was living with me and much younger (Kindergarten) - I not only would bathe her in scripture - I would throw her in the bathtub and read the Bible to her. It worked every time!! There is something about water and Jesus.

Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

I can so picture the two of you packing with the five lists. Hilarious! And I just spent way too much time checking out all your links. Thanks. :)

Becky said...

Hi Em,
I should be asking you how YOU are feeling? Aren't you just about to pop? I'm eagerly awaiting your big news!
As for me, I'm nearly to week 14 and STILL feeling sick, though not as bad, and not as often. Small mercies, for which I'm thankful. Another ultrasound this week should show us a much larger baby than last time (all that growing they do in the first trimester!), and we're stoked to see her. Yeah, I think it's a girl. We'll see!
Can't wait to see who Sesame is!
Take care,