Thursday, September 6, 2007

day one of...

+ exercising early to start the day off with a bang

+ coming home with an hour before husband gets up to drink coffee & water, read the Word and enjoy the mellow blueness of morning.

+ tearing through my old room, mom and daddy's basement & attic in an attempt to FINALLY move EVERYTHING out.

+ writing a letter or card every morning to someone.

+ reading again. oh good books, i've missed you so.

+ expanding my vocabulary. word of the day - here i come!

+ new routines of ambling and taking time for what matters. :)

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Too funny! It was fantastic to see you this morning and work out together. I promise it will get easier in time. I had to laugh. I thought I had long ago cleaned out everything from my parents house and my mom reminded me this past weekend that I need to clean out my old closet over Thanksgiving. Oh dear!!! 10 years later and I am STILL cleaning my stuff out of my parent's house. I wish you the in your clean-up efforts. And, do share the word of the day on occasion.