Monday, May 7, 2007

birds in hanging baskets.

so. today i nonchalantly waltzed out onto our balcony to groom my plants. yes. i just used the phrase "groom my plants." anyway, our balcony overlooks one of those wanna-be ponds or lakes that frequent the backyards of apartment complexes. despite it's short-comings it really is a much nicer view than, say, your neighbors bedroom window, or a parking lot.

but i digress.

as i pulled off dead leaves and prepared to water my hanging plants (lovingly name phil [he's a phlloxera plant] and diane [some name that starts with a d that i can't remember]) i realized that my step stool was unavailable. so. i reached up to pull phil down, only to have a sienna (yes that's right...i used the crayon name) colored morning dove flap in my face.

yes. it's true. i almost drop phil, screamed as if i were in a scene from "The Birds" and ran inside.

Jones, our friend and current house guest, had a look of true shock and dismay. "i've never heard you scream before." he promptly noted. Jones, being the wonderful person he is, went outside looked in phil and declared "yup. there's a nest in there. with eggs."

so now i have a dilemma. do i continue watering said plant, or do i allow him to die a slow waterless death so that the baby birds may one day be hatched?? i might have to call in the experts on this one. any thoughts? :)

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