Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back In the Saddle Again.

[Cough and sputters as dust floats off this corner of the internet]

Sorry about that dust there.  It's been awhile.

I'm working on a new morning routine (soooo exciting, I know) which includes writing again.  While I will always prefer pen and paper, I figure this little blog should get some love too.

We're still just going along day by day in the Batcave.  Sesame and Little Dude are best of friends (most days) and spend mornings home on epic adventures in the rain-forest or Neverland.  Sesame's imagination takes them there and Little Dude is just happy to be included in whatever lays before them.  No matter where they are headed he's usually a dinosaur.  :)

Anyway, I'm hoping to record their shenanigans again.  :)  No promises on frequency though.  :)


Friday, January 25, 2013

Saturdays = Status Dump

I realize Facebook is a scary world for some people.  It seems intimidating with lingo like "status update," "poke," and "timeline."  I can, in all sincerity, understand a person not having a facebook account.  Husband and I have discussed deleting ours on several occasions.  We've also discussed selling all our worldly possessions and moving to Mozambique.  But that is neither here nor there...

Facebook, at this point in our lives, is a quick easy way to upload photos and record quick snippets of our daily life.  It looms much less than a weekly blog post.  So, in an effort to keep those of you without facebook accounts (ahem, Daddy.) up to speed on the Golbov Batcave, I am going to attempt a Saturday status update.

The last Saturday of the month or so I will copy several of my/husband's statuses from Facebook to a post on the blog.  That way you all can enjoy the wackiness of our family.  :)

That said, there are several posts not included.  They are generally attached to my instagram stream.  I'm  working on putting that in sidebar somewhere.  :)


Status on 2013-01-25

"I read somewhere chewing gum or wearing safety glasses while chopping an onion with keep your eyes from watering. Since I am the queen of onion weeping, I tried a candy cane (for lack of gum). No luck. The tears started flowing. I grabbed my sunglasses (for lack of safety goggles). No luck. Now I'm just a sobbing housewife with a knife, in sunglasses, with a candy cane hanging out of her mouth. Lovely. :) My daily chores never cease to amuse me! :)"

Status on 2013-01-24

"Leaving the house as mis-matched, un-brushed, un-make-upped hooligans. I write this disclaimer so if you run into us at Meijer you will know that we know we look like hippies - and chose to leave the house anyway. :)

Note: The Motley Hobbit Hippie Brood left a grand impression on Meijer today. Not only did the youngest hobbit screech "bob-stir!" [lobster] throughout the store but the eldest exploded a box of spaghetti on aisle 10. :) We did, however, score a smile with the sour deli lady we've been trying to woo for 6 months now. Who says we aren't witnessing in the grocery store despite our stench and spaghetti strewing! :)"

Status on 2013-01-20

"Husband: 'I want to write some Psalms that extol the virtue of God's scientific creations.'

Love. Him. :)"

Status on 2013-01-17

"Nellianne: Mommy I'm hungry.
Elise: Me too.
Me: Okay girls, we can have a snack! Let's take off our princess dresses so we don't get them all yucky while we eat. You can put them back on after we eat.
Elise: Well...I'm not hungry. I'll just eat tomorrow. 

Love these kids. :) The girls have their priorities all in order. :)"


"Warning! Hasty post venting my inner feelings regarding answering machines/menus on telephones to ensue: I feel I have a reasonable amount of patience with human beings. Machines, however, are a different story. For instance, when I call a doctor's office with a quick question, I don't want to select from one menu, then a second menu, then a third menu - which has 7 options all of which are a 5 digit code to connect me to the next menu. By the time I get to leave my message I sound like Malificent restraining her inner dragon from transforming even though my questions is: Is my appointment at 1:00 or 1:30? Grrr.. End rant. That said, I really am having a lovely day! :)"


"Whilst eating lunch we were discussing who would be in Nellie's new Sunday School class: 
Me: "Yes, you'll miss Kalen, but Joseph and Levi will be in your class and you'll be with Xavier again!"
Conrad: "She's going to be surrounded by suitors. I'm going to have to teach her self defense."
I think you have a few years there husband! :)"


Saturday, January 12, 2013

One, Two, Three...


My sweet girl is four.


How did three years skate by so quickly!?

On her birthday I decided to flip through old photos.

May favorites include the following:
1. Days we never changed out of pjs, brushed our hair or bathed.
2.  Days we never left the house.
3.  When she was about 18 months - the age Little Dude is currently.

She has grown so very much.
She's intuitive and perceptive.
Plays in worlds birthed completely from her vast imagination.
Recognizes all her letters and most numbers through 20.
Sings.  Endlessly.
Eagerly prays over meals.
Loves on her brother - unconditionally.
Hates broccoli.
Loves blueberries.
And has absolutely no personality at all.

Okay.  Maybe she has personality.
Just a little.

I love you my dear, sweet Nellianne.
You made me a mother.
You are my joy and sunshine
and as much as I love you,
my precious four-year-old,
Jesus loves you even more.

Happy Birthday Sesame! 

You're Welcome.

My fantastical cousin Laura found this gem of a video on the interwebs.  Please take 4 minutes and 16 seconds to laugh your socks off.  I promise it is worth the loss of sleep tonight.  

You're welcome.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Ninja Mulan and Super Splashes

Sometimes events occur in my home that leave me with a befuddled expression and quizzical glance.

For example, this:

During dinner I caught a glimpse of a pink dress hanging from the back sliding door.
I did a double take.

I must admit, I was completely unphased.
This is so normal.
I even found Belle smashed in mid-air between two up-standing books.
So, to find Mulan channeling Trinity from The Matrix:
no biggie.

I don't remember events like this before children - and I'm sure I'll miss them when all they want for Christmas are i-pods and surf boards.

Not that we live anywhere near a surf-able body of water.
But, you get the idea.

Then this happened:

He was a tad thirsty.

Ahhhh...The satisfied old man face.  :)
He is fearless in the water.
For real.
The boy was sloshing about, launching himself face first into the tub last night.
On one launch he sucked in half the tub water through both his mouth and nose.
Gagging, hacking and a bit of regurgitation occurred.
Nellianne freaked out.
After a brief 10 second dramatic overhaul, she quickly turned to:
"Momma.  My tummy hurts.  I think I have the yuckies too."

Not working.
Not.  Working.

I reminded her Ezra was not sick and she wasn't either.
Then Ezra sent a tidal tub wave into her face, leaving her gasping.  :)
I laughed.

Such a good Momma am I.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Before I begin, I just have to share this blog header again:

A) Holy crazy font arrangement Batman!
B) That is my sweet, sweet son laying alone, on his back, unable to move in his snow suit last winter.  My darling boy - perfectly happy to just hang out at 9 months old.  He didn't need to move or be entertained.  He remains as content.  Unless I'm trying to take a photo of him in his Christmas outfit...which brings us to this:

Awwwwwwww... Aren't they cute.  Too bad Momma had her camera set for a different environment.  "Hey kids, wait two seconds while I switch the settings." much for that nice, sweet, loving photo.  Little boys are so dramatic.  I have no doubt they will flip, but good golly, it was two seconds.  I suppose I will be content with a red, un-focused, grainy image this year.  :)

So, let's recap here.  Little boy caught on camera un-awares:

Yeah!  Tractors!  Smiles!  I love life!

Little boy dressed up for church on Christmas:

"I'm dying!  It's the end of the world!  Santa Claus scaaaaaaaaaaares me!"

Good grief.  


Friday, January 4, 2013

Crafts, Cooking and Candid Photos.

Right.  So.

My mind has mulled over the decline of this blog for a month or two.  Reasons for the piles of silence include:

1. Not enough time. (lie.)
2. Nothing interesting to write about. (lie.)
3. No one reads what I post. (lie.)
4. Is it really worth the time? (duh.  yes.)

Clearly this is a list of lies. The grandest, most accurate reason is this little secret of mine: I desperately want what I post here to be funny, well-written, interesting and not just about my kiddos.  In addition I don't want to post for the sake of posting.  In a world of pinterest, facebook and instagram, I am still an old school typewriter girl at heart.  I am not a super-mom who can sew all my children's clothes, home school, make freezer meals for 30 days and work a full time job from home.  I take time to write.  I enjoy playing with my children.  My counter always has both clean and dirty dishes.  The floors are dingy and Mt.Laundry is sitting in my hallway.  If I have the choice to clean my home or make a rocket ship out of a cardboard box, the rocket wins every time.

I want this space to be like my home.  That means it will be covered in dust at times.  I may go a week without posting, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on it.  So.  Let's be friends again, interwebs.  You and me.  What do you say?